Due to Covid 19 Our Church Building is Temporarily Closed



Minstrel Staff Assist
Pastoral Duties
Stewards Board
Oversee all ministry of Church
Assist with Communion & Baptism
Trustee Board
Care for all Church Property


Lay Organization 
Train in Disciple Rules
Mary Campbell Missionary Society 
Care for the needy
Y.P.D. (Young People Department) 
Care for the young people
Preached word & community Outreach


Inspirational - Choir Sing to the Glory of God 1st & 3rd Sunday
Sanctuary - Choir Sing to the Glory of God 2nd & 4th Sunday
Male - Choir Sing to the Glory of God 5th Sunday
Youth - Choir Sing to the Glory of God YPD Programs
Praise Team - Sing to the Glory of God Devotional Period
Senior, Youth and Male Ushers - Maintain atmosphere of worship by seating
Faith Walker - Maintain atmosphere of worship by seating

Christian Disciplineship

Church School
Spiritual Training on a Weekly bases
Board of Christian Education
Spiritual Training on a Quarterly bases
Mildred Walker Scholarship Fund 
Provide funding for youth


Class Leader Ministry
Minister to the needs of the membership
The Mother Board
To share wisdom and encouragement
The Golden Gems 
Seniors Program

Service Ministry

Pastor’s Aid
Care for pastor
Food Pantry
Feed the hungry
Flower/ birthday Club
Beatification of church
The Courtesy Club
Give gifts Christmas and Easter
Nurses Unit Promote health
Sick & Shut In Ministry
Service to those who are home bound